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The 2022 and 22nd event is taking place between 23rd – 28th July, with Event 1 (‘Race the Tide’) starting at the Great Kei River on Sunday 24th July, followed by Event 2 (‘Ride the Wave’) starting on Monday 25th July.

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The Imana Wild Ride is a 4 day eco-adventure ride which takes place on the eastern shores of South Africa covering nearly 200km of the wild coast between The Great Kei and Umngazi Rivers.

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Entries for 2022 are closed.
The date for entries opening for 2023 is TBC but look out for an update towards the end of September 2022.

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Wild Ride Education Company (WREC)

WREC raises funds for educational purposes; Fund raising is reliant on donations by mountain bike riders in the IMANA Wild Ride community, non-government organisations, benefactors and corporate South Africa.


The company is based in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal. Michael Clark is the founder and CEO of the Wild Ride Education Company…

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The IMANA Wild Ride is privileged to be able to ride along this unique stretch of coastline and we feel the need to give back to the peoples…

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WREC is first and foremost a fundraising company. We therefore appeal to all individuals, trustees, donors, corporate South Africa and anyone who…

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What people say about us

Thank you for all your efforts in making the Imana wild ride one of our best races thus far. It truly was an adventure and an unforgettable experience. Apart from just being well organized, the friendliness and support from all of you was incredible.

Philip & Yda Hurter2016

Just a short note to try and thank you guys for the best bike trip of my life. Problem is: What next!! Thia and I really appreciate all you’ve done and the great lengths you go to, to make this an awesome experience. You are some family team!! There is absolutely nothing I would want different.

Freddie & Thia Kirsten2016

On behalf of Wimpie and myself I wanted to say a massive thank you for all the hard work you guys continue to put in to make the Wild Ride the one of a kind event that it is. I’ve now done 3 of them and every single one is special in it’s own way. This year was no different and it was really special to ride it with a partner who was doing it for the first time and see just how much he loved it. You guys really have created such a special family environment that there’s no other event that comes anywhere close to what you create in the Kei for us each year. It’s food for the soul and a bright shining light that allows an escape from Cape Town winters when we need it most!

Marc Johnstone2016

Having done a lot of stage races, inclusive of 9 Sani’s, the IMANA Wild Ride is truly a unique and special event in relation to anything else on the MTB'ing calendar. I have obviously heard a lot about the event but the experience itself surpassed my expectations. You have done exceptionally well to protect the integrity of this event over the last 16 years as I imagine the demand for “bigger & more” is overwhelming. Thank you for keeping it as is and I have started lobbying for 2017.

Wimpie le Roux2016

A HUGE THANKS to you all for an awesome experience yet again. It takes a well-oiled team to pull off an event of this nature, being in such a remote part of the world. Every day was a highlight – to be able to ride in such a beautiful part of our country was a breath taking experience.
Suzi and I felt greatly privileged to experience the opening of the Masiphathisane Pre-school. The village spirit was evident in the celebrations taking place that day. It’s humbling to see how much the community appreciates the gift of a simple (beautiful) classroom with its water tanks and outside toilets. We need to take our kids there to realise how fortunate they are and hope that they too can make a difference to people who really need change to improve their lives.

I am still reflecting back on that most amazing wild ride I had the privilege of experiencing a few weeks back. My pictures and memories bring a ready smile to my face. It was so much more than just a stage race. Every stop-over was a first time visit for me, so I was pretty captivated by the uniqueness of every location. Your efforts in fund-raising and translating the contributions to lasting, community-upliftment projects was more than heart-warming, and makes one proud to be South African. Well done again, your commitment and efforts in “making a difference” are an inspiration to others.

2016 was my first Imana Wild Ride experience. I have one criticism: very irresponsible of you guys to put on the best event I have ever experienced. Where to for me from here?!
Magic event, people, logistics, everything. Change nothing. Witnessing the school opening was special.

Thank you for a absolutely fantastic unforgettable ride. Probably in a area of our country that I would never have known to exist had it not been for Imana. The accommodation, food, organisation .........But most of all the route and the scenery was amazing. Please give a big thank you to Steve and the Team.

John Lansdell

I want to thank you and your team for a wonderful event. The organization of the event is superb. The Imana Wild Ride is truly an unforgettable event and lots of memories are made and I am glad to have been part of it.
Will you please forward my sincere gratitude to the following:
Farmer Glen and Mandy: Thank for all the support and arrangements during the event. You are excellent hosts.
John, the pilot: I cannot thank you enough for airlifting me. I still owe you a couple of beers.
Doc Grant Lindsey: Thank you for the medical support, assistance and advice.

Stefan Stolz2015

To the 5 of you, Bex, Mandy, Glen, Shan and Steve, thank you very much for an awesome experience. Truly a memorable one, just battling to convey my awe with others, can’t seem to explain it well enough. Thank you for all the help and support, it was really amazing and is truly appreciated.

Mark Fox2015

Thanks so much for the wonderful experience of riding 4 days along the magnificent Wild Coast, so expertly organised by yourselves. Certainly something I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

Henry Fagan2015

Just a quick message of thanks for another amazing 4 days of mountain biking bliss. It is truly a privilege to be able to ride our beautiful coastline and appreciate what we have here in SA which many don’t get to experience. It is events like this which puts things into perspective and makes us realise why we live in SA and put up with the loadshedding, Zuma and other daily nuisances. As usual, the organisation, accommodation, food and the company was top notch and we had an absolute ball. Thanks to Glen for getting us to the end on Day 4 with some very sneaky “sneaks” which did assist our weary legs. Trust you have all recovered and now resting before the next event!

Andrew Robinson2015