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Price claims sixth successive win at the 18th Imana Wild Ride

Warren Price wrote himself into the record books of the Imana Wild Ride as he claimed his sixth successive victory at the finish of the four day event at Umngazi River Bungalows on Wednesday 26th July. For his partner Andrew Hill, it was a sweet win which has eluded him a number of times in recent years.

Price and Hill (Team Safire TIB) started the day with a comfortable six minute lead over their closest rivals, Damon Stamp and Darren Lill (Wild Ride Supa Soyas) – but in stage racing terms, it’s not over until the finish line. A glorious day greeted the riders as they set off from Ocean View Hotel in Coffee Bay. With the low tide being at midday there were concerns about the first beach after the Umtata Mouth ferry crossing being soft and slushy but the beach proved surprisingly ride-able. From there on the course takes the riders inland with plenty of hills to climb and rivers to cross. Stamp and Lill caught up to Price and Hill, who had started two minutes ahead in elapsed time. A truce was called and the two leading teams decided to work together through to the finish. Stamp and Lill effectively won the stage in a new record time of two hours, fifty-four minutes and 42sec – two minutes ahead of Price and Hill and also within record time. Price & Hill shaved three seconds off the course record time to clock nine hours, one minute and 11sec on accumulated time. The last team to finish spent nearly as long just on stage four !

The mixed category title went to Bianca Haw and Andrew Houston who rode consistently over the four days to place third overall, just ahead of a determined effort from husband and wife duo Craig and Christine Smith from Cape Town, who placed fourth in the overall standings.

The second event, namely ‘Ride the Wave’ is following a day behind with the second batch of one hundred riders to complete the eighteenth racing of the tide.

RESULTS: Stage 4 – 1. 2. Damon Stamp & Darren Lill (Wild Ride Supa Soyas) 2h54.42, 2.Warren Price & Andrew Hill (Safire / TIB) 2h56.42, , 3. Bianca Haw & Andrew Houston (Beauty & the Skinny Beast) 3h47.10 – 1st Mixed, 4. Craig & Christine Woods (Wildefire) 3h50.20 – 2nd Mixed, 5. David Yapp & Keith Wenke (Beer & Wine) 4h22.58.
GC – Overall: 1. Warren Price & Andrew Hill (Safire / TIB) 9h01.11, Damon Stamp & Darren Lill (Wild Ride Supa Soyas) 9h05.38, 3. Bianca Haw & Andrew Houston (Beauty & the Skinny Beast) 11h35.48 – 1st Mixed, 4. Craig & Christine Woods (Wildefire) 11h56.21 – 2nd Mixed, 5. David Yapp & Keith Wenke (Beer & Wine) 13h47.28.

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