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Imana Wild Ride: Race Report Stage 2 – ‘Race the Tide’

Another record day on stage two!


Warren Price and Andrew Hill (Safire/TIB) made no bones about the fact that they are not only out to win the nineteenth Imana Wild Ride but they will smash some records in the process. Stage two between Kob Inn and The Haven is the shortest stage at around 35km but for the winners to clock a time of one hour, thirty-two minutes dead is quite phenomenal. The previous record for stage two stood at one hour, forty-four minutes and 12sec! Equally impressive were second place team Damon Stamp and Darren Lill (St-iLL Wild Riding) who stopped the clock fifty-two seconds later. Third placed team Craig Woods and Oli Munnik (Skullet) also cracked the previous record time.

Ideal conditions may have led to cracking times for the leaders but for the majority of the field it was an idyllic day of riding the beaches and absorbing the stunning wild coast scenery. Ian and Jane Seggie came back from a slow start yesterday to win the mixed category ahead of PK and Esthea de Villiers with Seath and Michelle Scowby in third place.

Stage three will take the riders through to Ocean View Hotel in Coffee Bay, passing the iconic Hole-in-the-Wall landmark and covering some of the most spectacular sections of the race route.

RESULTS – Day 2. Men: Warren Price & Andrew Hill (Safire/TIB) 1h32, Damon Stamp & Darren Lill (St-iLL Wild Riding) 1h32.52, Craig Woods & Oli Munnik (Skullet) 1h41.47. Mixed: Ian & Jane Seggie (Seggie Squared) 2h25.48, PK & Esthea de Villiers (Synergy) 2h31.43, Seath & Michelle Scowby (DES) 2h34.48.
GC – Men: Warren Price & Andrew Hill (Safire/TIB) 3h17.21, Damon Stamp & Darren Lill (St-iLL Wild Riding) 3h19.47, Craig Woods & Oli Munnik (Skullet) 3h34.41. Mixed: Andre Botha & Christina du Plessis (The Feather & The Sinker) 5h37.28, PK & Esthea de Villiers (Synergy) 5h57.12, Ian & Jane Seggie (Seggie Squared) 6h04.12.

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