The IMANA Wild Ride is privileged to be able to ride along this unique stretch of coastline and we feel the need to give back to the peoples of the Wild Coast who willingly afford us the opportunity of riding through their back yards.

In 2006, the Wild Ride Education Company (WREC) was established, under the expert guidance of enthusiastic participant, Michael (aka ‘Spider’) Clark.

WREC’s key focus is education and more specifically, building classrooms. Since it’s inception, the combined efforts of WREC, Imana Foods and the participants of the Imana Wild Ride have donated over forty classrooms along the race route between 2005, when the first classrooms were built, through to 2018. WREC is a means whereby the participants in the event and anyone else can officially donate funds to be used in improving education facilities and community upliftment along the coastline between Kei Mouth and Umngazi.

After the inaugural event, Imana Foods’ set a challenge to build a classroom for each one they build. WREC was established to formalise the fund raising efforts and to provide a transparent means by which the ‘Wild Ride Family’ can see where their money is being spent and in the knowledge that they not only get to experience one of the most exhilarating four days anyone can imagine on a mountain bike, but they are contributing to making a difference to a very underprivileged community

Purpose and activities of the Wild Ride Education Company (WREC)

WREC’s primary purpose is raise funds for educational purposes. Fund raising is reliant on donations by individuals, non-government trusts, benefactors and corporate South Africa.

These educational purposes specifically include building school classrooms, providing classroom infrastructure (desks, chairs, blackboards, toilets, ablutions, fencing and offices), and supplying teaching aids, including but not limited to blackboards, small libraries and teaching aids / materials.

The funds raised are used solely for these educational purposes. WREC has no administration costs and all work done by it’s directors and associates is on a volunteer basis. 100% of all funds raised by WREC are therefore channeled into the purpose.

The funds are deployed in communities in the Eastern Cape, and specifically along the section of this province generally known as the Wild Coast.

About WREC:

The company is based in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal. Michael Clark is the founder and CEO of the Wild Ride Education Company.

  1. A Section 21 company incorporated under the Companies Act, company registration number 2005/043851/08.
    2. Registered as a Public Benefit Organisation with Department of Social Services, PBO reference number 57-568.
    3. Registered under Section 18A of the Income Tax Act, thereby enabling the donor to deduct donations to WREC for income tax purposes. This means that donations made to WREC are tax deductible in the hands of the donee. You and/your company can get a tax deduction for any monies you donate to WREC. You will receive a S18A receipt for all donations.

WREC is first and foremost a fundraising company. We therefore appeal to all individuals, trustees, donors, corporate South Africa and anyone who wants to invest money into poor communities and assist them to become more self-sufficient.

With WREC, you have the opportunity to do just that. We are a proven company. We have credibility. We can show you a proven track record of delivery, we have classrooms actually built and being occupied, and we have follow-up programs to ensure communities use their new classrooms as intended.

Donations can be made to:
Wild Ride Education Company
Nedbank current account
Account # 1469 158 701
Branch code 146905


WREC: Classrooms built

Special thanks to Rob Gibb and his team from ELANGENI BUILDINGS who do an incredible job of building their modular classrooms in an incredible four to six weeks, making our dreams a reality.

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 2005 Elliottdale Tongani Junior Secondary 1
 2005 Willowvale Mgcawezulu Junior Secondary 1
 2006 Elliottdale Qatywa Junior Secondary 2
 2006 Coffee Bay Xonyeni Junior Secondary 2
 2007 Elliottdale Geya Junior Secondary 2
 2007 Willowvale Gojela Junior Secondary 2
 2008 Elliottdale Tongani Junior Secondary 1
 2008 Willowvale Mgcawezulu Junior Secondary 1
 2009 Willowvale Makhosonke Junior Secondary 2
 2011 Coffee Bay Madakeni Junior Secondary 4
 2012 Coffee Bay Xonyeni Junior Secondary 2
 2012 Port St Johns Ndevu Junior Secondary 2
 2013 Elliottdale Qatywa Junior Secondary 3
 2014 Coffee Bay Ntekelelo Junior Secondary 2
 2015 Takazi Mvumelwane Junior Primary 2
 2016 Bulungula Folokwe Pre-Primary 2
 2017 Mdeni Village Bulungula College High School 6
 2018 Mdeni Village Bulungula College High School 3